Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are intended to regulate access and use of the CCTalents.com platform as well as its features, services and resources for users such as candidates and companies. Using our platform sets the compliance of these conditions by the users.

CCTalents.com is a platform which gives candidates not only the opportunity to have an active role in finding jobs through research for offers by professional area, wage offer, workplace and others, but also earns them recognition, as they may find employment without having to look for it. To this end, the applicant must fill out their profile with all the information required, so they can be found by companies as well as look for job offers.
On the other hand, the CCTalents.com platform allows companies to disseminate job offers, as well as the organization, management and selection process of candidates.

We have available three types of benefits (standard, premium and ultimate), associated with different levels of promotion and visibility on the platform. Job offers can be disclosed for different periods of time, and be updated for additional periods, in the intended terms and conditions.
Regarding the features conferred by CCTalents.com, including searching for candidates and jobs, they are offered free of charge; however, various paid services are present in the platform. The payment of benefits must be made before getting the features you want. Pricing on the available functionalities is detailed in the CCTalents.com price list.

CCTalents.com platform’s content is the intellectual property of the company and may not be reproduced, processed or distributed without our permission. Also, the platform includes content provided by intermediaries such as pictures and written information, which also cannot be reproduced, processed or distributed without their permission.

CCTalents.com cannot be held responsible for inappropriate use of the above content. Likewise, it is not responsible for the content of offers, profiles and other information that users have access to via our platform, leaving the responsibility of information to the candidates and companies concerned. Nevertheless, the information contained in the platform will be thoroughly analyzed but even then CCTalents.com cannot guarantee its accuracy, refusing responsibility for the use that may be made of this information. The platform can count links to websites operated by companies for advertising purposes and it is therefore not responsible for the use and content of these websites.

CCTalents.com can always and at any time make changes to the platform format, as well as the conditions of use, so by using the platform you agree to these effects. Any changes to these terms and conditions and privacy policy should be informed through our platform.

Personal data provided by users of this platform are governed by these terms and conditions and also by our privacy policy. Candidates who fill out the profile in CCTalents.com will have their personal data, except for the first name and initial of the last name, forbidden to all users (candidates and companies), and only becomes available for companies that are interested in the profile. All candidates can delete their profile from the platform at any time.

An individual account is necessary both for the creation of a candidate profile as well as for a company to sign up. The registration of both users is a conscious act and requires the acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.

Access credentials (email and password) defined by the candidates and companies are for their own exclusive use, so they should keep it confidential. We may deny access to a user if we consider that this is being used by unauthorized third parties, or if they are violating these terms and conditions.

You may not copy or transmit any material from the CCTalents.com platform. All copyright, database and intellectual property on the platform belong to CCTalents.com. The use of the platform does not give users any ownership rights over the content present in the platform.

Users of CCTalents.com declare and warrant that they are aware of the terms and conditions herein.

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with Portuguese law and Portuguese courts must settle all disputes.

Version 2016.09.09

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